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You’re here for a reason.

You are a temporary, multidimensional and unique expression of Source.

And you’re here for a reason.
Not that you are more or less than other earthlings.
You just have another mission.

You’re not here to fear increasing levels of control in Old Earth…
Or to fight the old.

You’re here to help shape the New Earth.
So that Old Earth ๐ŸŒ can dissolve into nothingness.

Focusing consciousness on what is happening in Old Earth is fine!

Consciousness = light.

And light transmutes low vibrational energy into high vibrational energy.

But above all, focus on embodying the New Earth.
By being yourself!

You’re already here.

If you let go of the stories, the fear, the struggle and the worry…
Then Old Earth turns out not to be as scary as it seemed.
Then you will immediately experience the New Earth.

The “measures” the “scare stories” the “control mechanisms” they are mindfucks.

Mankind is being framed…

But you come from a 5D+ world.
In previous incarnations you lived on other planets where the consciousness is already 5D+!

That’s why, deep down, you’re so sure you can.

And you come to bring that to Earth ๐ŸŒŽ.
Your knowledge and experience of how it can be.

A New Earth
A Terra Nova
A 5D+ company
A world in harmony

You know deep down that it can exist.
Because you yourself have lived in worlds like that.

Now is the time to bring those worlds to Earth.
By living in a 5D+ world here on Earth.

Just like that.

And you will find that all illusion dissolves bit by bit.
Is that easy?
No, certainly not all the time.

It requires decisiveness, trust and courage.
Especially at the times when you are faced with the 3D control measures.

But I know you can do it.
And we do it together.
There are millions of us!

Our moment is now.
Full focus on the New Earth.

For the good of all!

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Are you worried about the new measures?

Then you feed them.
Focus on the timeline you want.

And know that there are millions of lightworkers worldwide who do the same.

Many master light workers on Earth and elsewhere in our galaxy are working to change the timeline on our planet.
Let’s help them.

Together we can make the new timeline manifest.

From the current line to even more 3D power, fear and control, to the 5D+ timeline of freedom, love and wisdom.

That really doesn’t mean you have to close your eyes to what’s going on in the world…
You can just have consciousness on it.
You can even take to the streets if you feel you have to.

But take the emotion out of it.

Worrying, fighting, anger, fear and powerlessness make the 3D timeline stronger.

Compassion, understanding, wisdom, joy and trust make the 5D+ timeline more powerful.

Focus on what you do want.
Override the measures.

And know that you are not alone.
Many of us already live in the 5D+ timeline.

You’re anything but alone.

We are in this together.


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The rich get richer, the poor get poorer

The corona crisis led to bankruptcies and layoffs.
The poor in third world countries in particular became even poorer at an even faster pace due to the lack of tourism and other factors, and the number of people and children dying of hunger increased exponentially.

There is a huge increase in the consequences of growing poverty: human trafficking, poaching, child prostitution, overpopulation, deforestation, exploitation and abuse.

In the Parool I read an article about the richest people in the world. At the moment the earth counts 2755 billionaires who have a combined wealth of โ‚ฌ13,100,000,000.

Read that again…
It really says…
Together, less than three thousand people have a wealth of thirteen thousand hundred billion dollars.

Why? What would they do with that much money?
Millions of people are starving to death…
There are billions of people living below the poverty line…
And these rich people have scandalously enriched themselves even more.

And are thus partly responsible for the increased human trafficking, overpopulation and poaching of wild animals.

Mind you, I’m not talking about tononairs and millionaires.
Not even about multimillionaires…
I’m talking about people with tens of billions of dollars.

With all kinds of NGO’s and Foundations these puissant rich try to give something back to the world. For example, they invest in vaccines and malaria nets for hungry children in India and Africa.
Vaccines from which they themselves then become richer through their shares in the pharmaceutical industry.

86% of the world’s richest saw their wealth grow in the past year, despite the coronavirus that hit so many.

In total, their wealth increased by five trillion dollars. Think about that…

And so the wealth of the poor and middle class declined by five trillion dollars….
After all, it has to come from somewhere, right?

If you then look at who the leading billionaires are, something stands out.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon, ($177 billion)
Elon Musk, Tesla, ($155 billion)
Bernard Arnault, Louis Vuitton,
Bill Gates, Microsoft
Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook
Larry Page, Google
Sergey Brin, Google

Think about it.
Which companies benefited the most from the corona crisis?
Those included Amazon, Google , Microsoft (Also LinkedIn) and Facebook….
Which companies have done the most censoring when it comes to alternative truths about the crisis?
Right, these same companies.

Why are people like Gates, Bezos and Zuckerburg believed in their blue eyes and so few question their real agendas?
Not to mention that they are all affiliated with the World Economic Forum. The father of the Great Reset.

I wonder when the eyes will open with the masses.

If a few thousand people have so much wealth while others are dying of poverty, something is not right.
If a few thousand people are sucking the money out of society, encouraging human trafficking, child prostitution and overpopulation, then something is wrong.
If a few thousand people are getting richer from a crisis that is ruining millions, then something is not right.
If the companies that censor truths other than the official story are the very companies that are getting rich off the same crisis, then something is not right.

Of course there is Universal abundance. But somewhere something goes wrong in manifesting it. If it were not so, one person’s getting richer would not come at the expense of another’s poverty….

What about us? We let it all happen. We are neither rich nor poor. We have been conditioned with the illusion that it is normal for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. We close our eyes to all those people who are dying of hunger. For human trafficking, for child prostitution, for deforestation…

We live our lives as comfortably as possible. We take care of ourselves and our loved ones as best we can. And occasionally transfer some to one of those aforementioned NGOs….

And we make full use of the services of these organizations. We buy on Amazon, communicate via Facebook, Whatsapp and LinkedIn, write in Microsoft Word and Google if we want to know something…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as guilty of that as others (though I don’t buy on Amazon and app through Signal).

And are thus in effect complicit in the criminal self-enrichment of the rich, at the expense of so many….

What can we do to reverse this movement? This has puzzled me for years. How could we redistribute power fairly among humanity…

How could we make these mega-rich people realize how damaging their way of doing things is….
and would they really care?

Would the collective awakening of human consciousness come in time to reverse this movement?

What do you think?

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People want a truth so badly

Every person is in search of his or her own truth.

Some say God, others Allah…

Some say left, some say right…

Some people believe in reincarnation, others don’t believe in anything…

Some people believe in vaccination, others don’t…

One person thinks is decent what another thinks is outrageous.

There are so many truths, and they all color the world like light through a stained glass window.

History has shown that it becomes dangerous when one truth prevails.

The horrors of the Catholic Church, the Nazis and colonisation are still very clear in our minds.

“Never again” we say.

And rightly so.

Only now, a strange situation has arisen…

One half of the people seem to care about the truth of the other half and vice versa.

The Right Blames the Left for Globalism and Totalitarianism….

The left accuses the right of racism, discrimination and anti-Semitism.

They call each other fascists nowadays…

People who believe the official narrative point to people who don’t get vaccinated that they are contagious.

People who don’t believe the official narrative point out to people who do get vaccinated that they are contagious.

They call each other dangerous…

Can you see the humour in that?

We make it so terribly hard on ourselves and each other…

And I say very lovingly:

Does it show wisdom when someone identifies with something as superficial as opinions and truths?

Or judging someone else on that?

What if we leave all those truths for what they are?

I myself try to apply this as much as possible.

I have friends on the left and on the right.

Spiritual and atheistic people around me

I have intimates who do and do not get vaccinated.

I deal with people of different faiths.

People with different opinions and truths.


All those truths color my life.

I learn so much from in-depth conversations with people who look at the world very differently than I do.

Opinions and truths can simply coexist.

As long as one doesn’t seize power it’s fine.

Because you’re not your opinion, neither is the other….

Not your thoughts and emotions…

Not your beliefs and ideas…

You are not your truth, neither is the other….

No one is…

Let’s stop identifying with a truth. So pointless…

And open to all truths.

And if we can see the soul of our fellow man.

And be able to have a heart-to-heart connection.

Then it matters much less what anyone else thinks.

Then you can learn from each other.

And enjoy it together.

Of the infinite color palette of existence.

Have a nice day!


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A spiritual misunderstanding

There has been a spiritual misunderstanding for a few hundred years that does no good to humanity, nature or the planet.

Some spiritual activists and lightworkers are told that they should not be so preoccupied with the outside world…

Not so preoccupied with suffering outside himself. Not so preoccupied with the illusion around them.

Spiritual development can only take place within yourself they say.

I essentially agree with that. It is first of all about inner realization.

Only I suspect that there is a limited view among certain people of what that ‘inner world’ embraces.

And this limited view is used as an excuse to not have to take responsibility for the well-being of everything that lives.

Let me explain:

Every human being is the Source In the temporary, multidimensional and unique manifestation of a human being.

Every human being is one with everything that is…

Wave and ocean at the same time.

Human and Universe at the same time.

Just look at yourself.

You are all that is, so all that is takes place within you.

Everything is in your inner world.




All people, all animals, mother earth, all energies, all beings, all stars, all planets, all matter and non-matter are in you.

So how can you be outwardly focused if you are reaching out to something within yourself?

There is no outside world at all.

So also suffering like the refugee crisis, bio-industry, oppression, abuse, slavery, human trafficking, animal extinction, pollution, war, child pornography are all taking place in you.

It takes place in every human being and is all part of everyone’s responsibility.

Mind you, I’m not talking about blame…

So when you take that responsibility and do something about that suffering you are dealing with your inner world. Clear, right?

The Dalai Lama says:

Love ร— Wisdom = Compassion

What does he mean by that?

When you multiply love for yourself with the wisdom that you are everything and everyone, you develop a love for every human and animal called compassion.

Isn’t it nice…

Out of compassion and love (not out of fear and anger) working in the (inner) world to end suffering.

That’s spiritual activism. That’s Lightwork…

There… now we can also let go of this misunderstanding about inner world and outer world and no longer have to hide behind it.

And can we all take responsibility

And getting into action mode for a world in harmony.

Nice work on ourselves.

Fine. ๐Ÿ˜‰ –

X Robert

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Future generations

I am sometimes asked why I have three children. In this overpopulated world you don’t want to put any more children on earth, do you? Or at least as little as possible? I’ll share with you how I see it.

I think it is important that conscious people also give children passage to earth. Conscious children, or new age children, are more important than ever.

Most lightworkers have had a hard time in their youth. Growing up as conscious children with unconscious parents meant they felt misunderstood and life was often a struggle.

Their spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance and clairsentience were generally not understood, or even denied. The fact that new age children experience reality very differently from their family members can also lead to difficult situations, and deep feelings of not being good enough.

After a long struggle, there was finally the awakening in later life….
All the conditioning and trauma of childhood then had to be cleaned up.
The brainwashing of the Matrix had to be cleaned up bit by bit.

Only then did the soul mission slowly unfold.
A long and hard road for most lightworkers.
An instructive path too, of course, but also painful, debilitating and time-consuming.

Children born to conscious parents do not have this. They are immediately understood and supported in their light work.

Not that conscious parents don’t make mistakes, by the way. These kids have plenty to clean up when they grow up, too.
Only they are aware of it.

Spirituality is instilled in them and their wisdom and spiritual gifts are recognized and even encouraged. Their parents help them find their soul mission.

These kids don’t need to wake up. They are and will remain awake. Therefore, it is much easier for them to devote themselves to their lightworker mission.

From an early age, they can make a commitment to humanity, nature and Mother Earth. They are not bewitched by the brainwashing of the Matrix, but see right through all the illusions.

They are free to make a difference on earth.

It is up to us to support and guide them. Not us, but they are the ones we have been waiting for all this time.

The next seven generations!
X Robert Bridgeman

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Are you born a lightworker?

Are you born a lightworker? How many are there in the Netherlands? And what exactly is the mission of lightworkers? These are all questions that you have, we notice. So it’s high time for Robert Bridgeman, spiritual teacher, author and lightworker, to have his say. He has all the answers for you!

The mission of lightworkers is: guiding the transition to the New Earth.

What is a lightworker?

Simply put, lightworkers are old and experienced souls who incarnated as humans to support Mother Earth and humanity in the consciousness shift of this moment. Our planet is transitioning from the third to the fifth dimension of consciousness and beyond. These are not places, but vibrations. The higher the vibration, the closer to the Source of everything, the more conscious and the more love and light.

Because the earth makes this movement, humanity has no choice but to move with it. After all, we are partly the earth: in the temporary form of a human being. The fifth dimension is also called the New Earth. This is a world of conscious people living from the heart, in harmony with themselves, each other, nature and the earth. And to help with this transition process, there are lightworkers.

How do I become a lightworker?

Lightworkers have a high vibration at birth. You cannot become a lightworker during your life – you are born as a lightworker! It’s not a choice to be one. Often lightworkers initially forget that they are on earth with a mission. I didn’t discover I was one until I was 29. In my youth I was looking for the meaning of life, but in adulthood I didn’t want anything to do with spirituality. I was allergic to words like energy and meditation.

What are the characteristics of a lightworker?

The average lightworker often feels different from those around them. Lightworkers are individualists and almost all have some kind of homesickness. They feel like a ‘stranger’ on earth. Most lightworkers have known lives on other planets and are here with a clear mission. And when that is completed, they are allowed to go home again. But whether in this life or the next, they do not know.

Another characteristic of lightworkers is that they cannot stand authority and hierarchy from ego. This ‘resistance’ often manifests itself in youth towards parents, teachers and employers. Also, lightworkers are often born helpers. Many are found in healthcare. And the enormous growth of the number of coaches in the world has everything to do with the increasing number of awakened lightworkers. Most lightworkers are gentle, have well-developed empathy and are highly sensitive. These and more characteristics can be found in the book ‘Conversations with Jeshua’ by Pamela Kribbe.

What is the pitfall of a lightworker?

The empathy of lightworkers is often directed towards all living beings, including animals, trees, plants… The average lightworker is very concerned about the earth and everything that lives on it. This is not surprising if you know his mission: to guide the transition to the New Earth. The disadvantage of this empathy is that many lightworkers easily pick up emotions and sensations from others. If they are not trained to let go of it, it can lead to emotional and physical problems.

Are lightworkers special people?

Not all lightworkers find the term lightworker a fine description. This is because of the connotations people may have with the word. That lightworkers feel better than others for example… Of course there are lightworkers who have a ‘spiritual ego’, but most of them really do realise that they have a serving role towards the planet and humanity. It can be hard to be awake, though. It is sometimes described as being sober at a party where everyone is drunk. You are neither more nor less, but very different.

Which professions are suitable for lightworkers?

You can roughly divide the professions of lightworkers into a few categories. Many lightworkers quit their jobs or businesses after their awakening and go in a different direction. Not all of them, of course. Fortunately, there are also many lightworkers who choose to keep their jobs. They enlighten companies and institutions from the inside out.

Lightworkers who are self-employed remarkably often choose one of the following six roles. There are the Messengers: the speakers, trainers and writers. You have the Healers: the coaches, psychologists, therapists, energy workers and healers. The third group consists of the Alchemists: researchers, scientists and truth seekers. In group four you will find the Activists: the conservationists, volunteers in for example refugee camps and demonstrators. Then you have the Artists: the singers, dancers and musicians. And finally the Organisers: the networkers, financiers, entrepreneurs, web specialists and arrangers. You often see lightworkers covering multiple, sometimes all, categories.

How many lightworkers are there?

There are more lightworkers on earth than you would think! It is estimated that there are more than a million of them in the Netherlands alone. When I was with a group recently teachers created the Facebook platform ‘From 3D to 5D’, we had more than 500.000 visitors in the first month. It’s called “Studio New Earth” now, by the way. It’s pretty telling that a spiritual non-profit platform attracts so many people.

Slowly but surely lightworkers are getting better organized. They seek to connect with each other. More and more centers of consciousness are emerging worldwide and these centers connect to each other to form a 5D network. In the Netherlands too, networks such as the Amsterdam Wise Tribe of Tijn and Binkie Touber. There is also a growing number of online meetings and conferences.

You discover that you are a lightworker… and then?

More and more lightworkers are daring to come out for their spirituality. I sometimes call this time the great coming out of lightworkers. That doesn’t always go smoothly. Many lightworkers have had intense spiritual past lives, in which they experienced terrible things as victims, but also as perpetrators. Many awakening lightworkers go through a painful transformation process during the first few years, in which they cleanse their dark karma and old pains. Subsequently, the spiritual development of lightworkers is mainly about raising their vibrational level.

How does the awakening process of a lightworker go?

I sometimes compare the awakening process of a lightworker with that of Harry Potter. Writer J.K. Rowling is also a lightworker in my opinion… First Harry discovers that he is not a normal person, but a wizard. A whole world is opening up to him! Next, it turns out that in that world there are both light and dark wizards. It’s not all good. So it is also in lightworker-land. You will encounter white magic, but also black magic. It’s really up to you to find your way. Use your inner compass.

Is there an education for lightworkers?

There are no training courses to lightworker. But there are trainings especially for lightworkers. There are many methods to raise your vibration level. One lightworker swears by meditation, another by ayahuasca, a third by channelings and a fourth does it all. An important point is the transformation process of, for example, old traumas, limiting beliefs and karma from other lives. When lightworkers focus only on the light and let the darkness sit, it becomes a spiritual bypass called.

What does a lightworker do?

Our planet is transitioning from the third to the fifth dimension of consciousness and beyond. The mission of lightworkers is: guiding the transition to the New Earth. A world where we live together in love and harmony. Each lightworker fulfils this mission in his or her own unique way. There is no single form of lightwork. Lightworkers are just people, so they all have different ideas, visions and perspectives that can clash.

Most lightworkers are concerned with the suffering in the world. They shine light on the darkness to transform it. What you focus on, that grows, they say. This is true to a certain extent. Attention from consciousness and love transmutes what it is directed at. Lightworkers ask for attention for refugee camps, the bio-industry or certain conspiracies. Not out of struggle or fear, but out of love and a desire for a world in harmony.

Written by Robert Bridgeman on

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3D or 5D, it’s a choice

3D, or 5D

It’s a choice…

Both dimensions of consciousness exist side by side.

However, they are moving further and further apart.

And the difference between fear and love is growing. And increasing, until they come together over X period of time.

Wherever you look: in Kabbalistic prophecies thousands of years old, in Hindu prophecies, in predictions of North and South American Indians. They all say the same thing…

There are over 20 (thousands of years old) prophecies known to predict the emergence of the New Earth at this time.

Part of humanity remains in the old earth consciousness and moves even further in the direction of fear, oppression and control. These people are “plugged in” to the 3D Matrix around the earth.

This is a reality that is moving towards the destruction of the earth and the total oppression of humanity.

Another part chooses the New Earth and the direction of love, freedom and self-determination. These people are “plugged in” to the Christ Consciousness Matrix (5D) that is installed a little further around the earth.

This is a reality where people live from the heart in smaller, regional and self-sufficient communities.

Thanks to free will, every human being can choose at any time which dimension he or she wants to live in.

5D is not better than 3D. Not higher, or lower. But a different frequency.

Eventually these two worlds will come together in the New Consciousness. Whether you choose the path of fear, or the path of love. At the end of the road, all of humanity goes to the New Earth. Just a matter of time.

It is up to us lightworkers to help as many people as possible become aware of the fact that they have a choice. For most people, this is completely unknown.

Want to know more? Read 2044 The mystery of the fifth dimension

Note: all 13 dimensions of consciousness of this “dimensional octave” are always present in every human being.

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The NAZCA lines

When I was about 19 years old, I flew with two friends in a four-seater Cessna airplane over the NAZCA lines in southern Peru. The device had had its best days and was rattling a bit. I remember the positive excitement it brought. But the view was worth it… We looked down richly to behold the ancient lines and geoglyphs. There were animal shapes like a spider, a monkey and a llama. But also geometric shapes, spirals, flowers and… A figure that looks a lot like a Martian (photo). Well, doll. Some drawings are 200 to 400 meters in size and 30 centimeters deep. The Nazca lines were rediscovered in 1920 by an airplane flying overhead. The whole area is 800 km2. The lines were made somewhere between 200 and 900 AD scientists think. However, the area has been inhabited for over 10,000 years, so older is also possible. But how did the Nazca Indians back then create these huge shapes without planes and satellites? And especially why? There are several theories going around about the manufacture. One is that the Indians would have had air balloons. Another is that they drew the lines using scale models. And why? Was it for spiritual reasons? Or was it an ingenious water system to irrigate the gardens of the Nazca? Were they portals? Or landing pads for spaceships? Nobody knows for sure. You understand that my favorite theory is that the lines รก la crop circles are made by, or in cooperation with, extraterrestrials. In any case, the Martian is going along with this theory nicely. I watched him with my own eyes and remember the wonder I had at the time. And still… Is that true? I don’t know. Judge for yourself. At I just came across this series.

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Why conspiracy theories don’t have to lead to fear

Yesterday I had a lovely conversation with a friend.

His view is that conspiracy theories lead to fear and therefore should not be shared by awakened people.

I don’t agree…

Of course the main focus of every lightworker is on the creation of the New Earth.

We focus on what we do want, the transition of the consciousness of humanity from the third dimension of fear, to the fifth dimension of love.

(Of course, we don’t actually travel. Everything is already there. We are multidimensional expressions of Source that are omnipresent. From 3D to 5D is just a concept to indicate a development).

In addition, however, we have a responsibility to interpret the suffering we observe on earth.

What you focus on grows.

But what you focus your high consciousness on transmutes.

That is, it is transformed into a higher frequency such as love.

And that is an important part of our spiritual mission on earth.

Embracing the unlit and transforming it into love, light and compassion.

Both in ourselves, and in the world.

The Earth and humanity are transitioning from the third dimension of fear, to the fifth dimension, the first true love dimension. From there we proceed to the thirteenth dimension. That could take thousands of years, but it could also happen very quickly I this magical time.

Unlit keeps us in 3D.

It’s that simple.

Therefore, it may be transformed into light.

And we can only do that together.

that’s why it’s so important that we tell people where to focus their awareness.

See, if you direct anger, fear, or powerlessness at a dark field then you are only making it stronger.

But love and light changes it.

And let’s face it…

If I tell you that the buildings in America could never have been so totally destroyed by two planes and that a third building that no plane flew into also collapsed. And that that event did come out very nicely for the invasion of Iraq and to obscure some ongoing issues….

Does that incite fear?

Or to interest and wonder?

When I tell you that 50 acres of jungle disappear every minute. causing the extinction of countless species and the displacement of native Indian peoples. That those Indians and other activists are murdered when they stand up (thousands murdered by now) and that the corruption behind this has penetrated deep into Dutch politics, partly because of the interests of the tube industry.

Does that incite fear?

Or to the desire to get to the bottom of this and resolve it?

If I tell you then Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy both warned en public about the power of the US Military Industrial Complex and that this power was probably behind Kennedy’s assassination,

Does that incite fear?

Or to interest and understanding?

When I tell you that hundreds of thousands of children worldwide disappear every year into the hands of satanic pedophile organizations who use their adrenalized blood to become stronger and more youthful themselves,

does that incite fear? Or compassion for those children and the desire to do something about it?

When I tell you that the elite behind the World Economic Forum are trying to seize power in the world and are abusing the Corona crisis to do so. That the same 1% of elites have been shamelessly enriching themselves (at the expense of the poor) for hundreds of years and have, especially in recent decades, attracted 90% of all the world’s wealth…

Does that incite fear?

Or to outrage, compassion for the poor and a desire to do what you can to stop this?

And if I tell you that the entire stock market is dominated by two parties, Blackrock and Vanguard, who have shares in all media companies, pharmaceutical companies, the food industry, banks, the automotive industry, the arms trade and the oil industry.

Does that incite fear?

Or interested in knowing more about this and doing something about it?

And I could go on like this for a while. By the way, I am not asserting that the above theories are truth. As always: don’t believe anything I write, research it yourself.

Conspiracy theories do not call for fear, but for a healthy distrust.

And especially a deep desire to do what you can to resolve the situations behind it.

What can arise are feelings of powerlessness. Who am I to do anything about it? What can I do?

Until you realize you’re not alone. And that love and light have an enormous power when you focus them on a plot with a very large group of people.

There are so many foundations, movements and groups you can join. Together we are strong.

Of course, there are conspiracies that are beyond my comprehension as well. I don’t know enough about, for example, the flat earth theory to think anything of it. I also can’t quite interpret the reports of a staged invasion by alien forces yet. Will there be a mock attack with man-made spaceships and holograms? Or will friendly peoples come and we are already conditioned to see them as enemies?

But that doesn’t make me shoot them, or get scared of them. Every joke is a signal and where there’s smoke there’s fire.

It sparks interest in me to explore what I think about it.

When I awoke thirteen years ago, one of the first things I learned was that there is a secret government manipulating humanity behind the scenes. That there are forces that purposely want to keep humanity in the third dimension is well known in spiritual circles. Ever since mankind.

That the spiritual world and right-wing political parties, separately, see the same plots is not surprising.

What is right in the Netherlands is simply left by American standards.

Leftists in the Netherlands believe in the official conspiracy theories.

That 9/11 was a terrorist attack, for example.

Or that the WEF genuinely wants to improve the world.

The left serves the interests of the 1% elite without even realizing it.

So the counterparts, “right” believe the opposite.

It’s no harder than that.

The fact that right-wing politics now turns out to be right in this matter according to age-old spiritual insights, does not make spiritual people ‘right-wing’.

The fact that awakened people have been tempted to vote right, for lack of alternative, does not make spiritual people right wing.

Spirituality is separate from politics and the left and right are the wings of the same bird.

The fact that the right sees what the spiritual world has known for a long time does not make us right wing.

For example, spiritual people have nothing at all to do with fascism, anti-Semitism, and populism. The opposite is true.

As a collective, humanity is moving from the third dimension of fear, power and oppression, to the fifth dimension of love and wisdom.

We are now “traveling” through the fourth dimension. In this dimension we begin to see through the repressive mechanisms of the third dimension, but we are not yet in the heart consciousness of the fifth dimension.

That still needs time.

Once we are collectively in the fifth dimension there will be no more conspiracy theories. These are a fourth dimensional phenomenon, and the illumination they refer to dissolves in the fifth dimension.

Until then, we continue to send our love to the trapped children. To the people who work for disclosure, to people in refugee camps, to oppressed peoples like the Tibetans and the Indians. And especially to all the “perpetrators” in the world.

Conspiracy theories mean that there is something to investigate.

Not that there’s anything to be afraid of.

It takes an open heart and a loving trust to face plots with interest.

It is so essential not to dismiss anything as nonsense and not to block anything.

Humanity can’t help but discover and see through conspiracies in the years to come, that’s part of the universal movement we’re in now.

Marvel at this magical journey and all that is now coming to light.

In the fifth dimension of consciousness, ALL will come to light.

I wish you a happy time with much wonder and compassion.

X Robert

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